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Memorial Plaques-A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime
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Memorial Plaques-A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

Memorial plaques, contrary to popular belief, cannot be only used as headstones for graves. There are a large number of uses of memorial plaques. The main purpose is to signify a memory. They can be used to celebrate people, their achievements or any event that has a huge significance in life. Therefore, special care should be taken while choosing the material and what is written on the plaque. As they are made up of stone or marbles, they have quite a long life and you are not going to look at it only once. People also put spiritual and empowering quotes on them so that whenever you look at them, you are reminded of the occasion on which you were gifted that plaque. It can also be used as a wonderful gift to your loved ones that will last forever. Visit for further information regarding memorial in Melbourne.

Various uses of memorial plaques:

As explained earlier, stone repair in Melbourne are most commonly used for making headstones of graves. The reason for calling them the headstone is that it is most commonly used on the head side of the grave. People put something to remember their loved ones by like “a loving father and husband” and “my beautiful wife”. The purpose of putting such phrases up on the headstone is that whenever you look at that plaque, you will be reminded them in the way as it is mentioned on the grave. Because once someone has died, what truly matters is the memories they have left behind. Apart from that, there are also a number of other uses of memorial plaques as well. They can be gifted to someone if they recover from cancer or other life threatening situation. You can also give them as a wedding gift to a couple, or gift them someone on a huge achievement like graduation or having their first child.

Various materials for memorial plaques:

There are a number of materials that are used for making memorial plaques and each material differs according to the usage of these plaques. Some common examples are as follows

Solid cast:

These plaques are commonly made from aluminium or bronze. The reason is that these are used outdoor. Therefore, they need to be protected from rusting due to moisture and also from becoming dimmer due to sunlight in a short period of time.


The plaques made out of wood are very suitable and look comparatively better as compared to stone or solid cast ones. The reason is that the inscriptions are written with the help of laser and gives quite a good feel if varnish or polish is used on them.


There are three types of materials used for these. They are granite, marble and limestone. Granite is most commonly used as it is comparatively cheaper and lasts longer. These are used as headstones for graves.

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